Last weekend I had the opportunity to take some guests to visit London’s Richmond Park.  Richmond Park, at almost 1000 hectares (2500 acres) is the largest of thenine Royal Parks in London.
Richmond Park Map
But that’s not all that is unique about it.  What’s so unique about Richmond Park is the strong herd of 650 deer in it!  The special thing about this herd of Deer is that, not only they are free-roaming, but they are also very tame!  So much so that I could feed them off my hand :)  Which I did last weekend (apparently they like bread).
Here are some pictures I took this weekend on my visit there. You can see
how close I was to them :)
Richmond Park Deer
Richmond Park Deer
Richmond Park Deer
I can tell you this, it was an overwhelming feeling sitting so close to them, especially when often they just standing there staring at you intently.
They are so ‘Majestic’.
PS: Photos were taken using iPhone4.
PPS: Watch this space for the Video I took.