Today is a special day for me … it’s the day I was born ! Cue the fanfare and confetti !

So, first of all, let me take this opportunity to say that I’m really grateful to be given yet another rich year that was full with all possible things I could ask in life, good things and especially bad things, all working in harmony and contributing in shaping this person, that is yours truly.

Nevertheless, after 36 years, celebration didn’t seem to be one thing that I had in my long list of priorities.  I was prepared to spend the day quietly, no party, no cake, and no present.  I thought that I was too old for those things, I was just going to focus in my normal life, working, exercising and even reading some Nutrisystem reviews to improve my diet.

But, what has happened was far from quiet at all.  First, my girlfriend, who got upset because I didn’t want any present from her, went behind my back and threw a surprise pre-birthday party for me!  I’ve never had somebody giving me surprise of ‘anything’, and as I didn’t expect this at all, I was genuinely surprised :) I had my close friends there in the party, we ate, we drank, we sang.  I had my party, my cake, and my presents.  I had a great time :)

That was yesterday, and I thought that was all the surprise I got for the day.  So, imagine my surprise when I checked my Twitter this morning.  There in my replies box, there were already a bunch of ‘Happy Birthday’ Tweets from some of my Twitter Friends waiting for me.  That was it, it was the icing on my birthday cake, wonderful.  In the midst of this, I was actually stop and wondering where they all got my birth date from.  But I immediately realised that I’ve put the date on my Facebook account, and that the first person who tweeted was also my Facebook friend.

So, the rest of the my day was one of a classic example of the Word of Mouth, as one tweeted and others followed, and again, and again.  This happened for the most part of the morning, not just in Twitter but also in Facebook, which is great because this proves that people use social media a lot these days and there’s really a life and business on the Internet so is good having a SEO consulting from sites as, to help you improve your presence online.

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This is my first Social Media Birthday Party, and I would like to thank everybody for their kind greetings and wishes.  May God repay your kindness a hundred fold.

I took a screenshot of my timelines (click to zoom), enjoy:


Happy Birthday Tweets


Facebook Wall


Ok, this is a little bit surreal, but Leo Laporte just sent me a Birthday Wish via Facebook !!!

Leo Laporte B'day Wish

Leo Laporte B’day Wish

Not sure if he was writing it himself, but nevertheless, this is Awesome !