Indonesian Election: To Vote Or Not To Vote


Last week, my home country (Indonesia) was holding its Legislative Election (to elect local MP) and if everything goes according to plan, we are going to have the Presidential Election this summer.
Since we do election every 5 year, this year’s election is the third election I would’ve experienced since I’ve been abroad.
The thing is, I didn’t vote on both previous occassions. On the first one, I’ve just arrived in the UK, still fresh, and didn’t have a clue on what I was supposed to go about registering myself to vote. On the second one, I was just too lazy to register, besides I thought I’ve already been away too long I felt that I lost touch with my country’s politic scene, and that whoever I had voted wouldn’t had had any impact what so ever in my life abroad.
This year, I was telling myself that it’s time for me to be a responsible citizen and start exercising my Democratic Rights. Or so I thought :)
This time I manage to register myself on the voting list, had received the voting card, and basically administratively ready to vote.  The only thing I needed to do was to get over to the embassy and voted.
That’s the theory anyway.
A few days before the voting day, I vented my frustration to my fellow Indonesian Tweeple, saying that even though I had a few days left before I had to vote, just like 5 years ago, I ‘still’ hadn’t had any clue about whom I should vote.  Apparently there are 44 parties to choose from (somehow I missed the time when we had only 3 parties available), each has its own candidate for my electoral region (the overseas).  Then somebody sent me a link to a website featuring a list of all those candidates for me to look at.
After reading (more like skimming) the list, I realised, really … even with all these information, how was I supposed to pick one just like that ?  I suddenly began to doubt my own decision that I took earlier.
The night before the voting day, I completely lost my interest, and coupled with the fact that I had to get permission from my work (as it was a working day), my conviction was all but remained. I just didn’t have the will anymore, and finally decided to go ‘Golput‘ (an Indonesian slank to indicate abstain).
I still want to vote for the Presidential Election though, where the candidates are a few, so I won’t have to think that much, at least that’s what I hope.
Btwy, if anybody wants to know which parties are winning (or losing), you can check it in this real-time chart, so far the Democrats are winning.


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  • Well we know for a fact that there are millions of people lost their rights as citizens, which include, one of them, the right to vote. We've known for a fact that there are reportedly millions of Indonesian not listed for the legislative election for many reasons, so might as well we try not to waste our 'privilege' to vote?

    Just a thought.

  • @Silverlines, I had the same thought initially. I guess at the end, it was proven (to myself), that obviously the election was not my top priority at this moment in time.
    I promise I'll vote for the Presidential one.

  • ga bilang2 sih…. kalo tau gitu kan bisa diskusi sama saya *sok tau mode on* hehe…. iyah, pemilu sekarang paling memprihatinkan, hak suara dikalahkan embel2 administrasi. kalo di luar negeri "sambil mengkhayal* aku mo milih siapa ya….. ah bu zahrina aja ( zahrinanurbaiti.blogspot.com ) soalnya cantik sih (no more reason needed, hehe….)

    • Saya nggak tau sebenernya kalau sampai ada yang ilang hak suaranya karena red-tape. That is crazy.

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