Yes, SQUAT, as in Squat Down

Funny enough, this seemingly trivial little fact was only made aware to me recently.  I guess when you take something for granted, you don’t really care about it, until somebody point it out to you.  

I am talking about Squatting Down.  Yes, the trivial exercise that most of us seems doing without even think.  But I recently learned that apparently there are two types of Squatting.  

The first one is called Western Squat, this is the Squat where your heals don’t touch the ground.

The second one is called Asian Squat, this is the Squat where your heals do touch the ground (like what this guy in the next picture does).


Now, I think the two regional terms above don’t indicate discrimination, they merely are just describe where it originally came from.

Moreover, I learned that not everybody could the Asian Squat, something that I’ve done all my life, hence took it for granted.  It was actually quite funny when I watched some friends trying to do it but kept falling over because they were losing their balance :)


Anyway, I was thinking today, why’s that?  Why we, most Asians can do it, but not others?  A quick Googling (you really can find anything via Google this days) lead me to a conclusion of what might’ve caused this.

In my opinion, it is a matter of Cultural differences.  You see, back home we have wet Bathroom and Squat WC/Bog/Toilet (whatever you call it).  So, since we were children, we’ve already trained (forced) to squat on the Bog to do ‘our business‘.  Consequently, we all are able to do it, in there we also have other decoration accessories we got from sites as so the place also looks better.


As for myself, my family house has sitting bog for a long time already, but it took me a long while to actually brave myself to sit on it, I was really scare of pests and such, but I read an article on how to get rid of them and that helped.  For a very long time, I just did as I was used to do, i.e. squatted on top of the sitting toilet :)  It really was a change of mind-set for me (there is another change of mind-set that still has relation with toilet, which I will tell you on the next post).


When I did my research today, I came across this funny Youtube clip that sums up all of this :)

[Original clip by mhl12]

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