It’s been a long time since the first time I set my foot on England soil with my lovely elektrische scooter, early September 1995.  That means it’s going to be my 14th Winter this year (seriously, I was genuinely surprised myself when I was trying to count it).  My original intention was to finish the 4-year Master Degree course I enrolled at the University of Bradford, and go home.  Everything went so well until the year 1998, when the big Economic Crisis, followed by Political Upheaval, came and made a big mess all over South East Asia Continent; unfortunately Indonesia got the worst part of it.

The Pound to Rupiah exchange rate suddenly jumped 10 times the original value in a matter of months, which meant that my Tuition Fee and Living Cost were suddenly 10 times for expensive than it was before.  It was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to go on and continue my study, simply because there was no way that I (or my family) could afford the £8000/year tuition fee, not to mention the living cost.

One solution was obviously to go back home, but that was not a wise option, not with the state of Indonesia being crippled Economically and Politically without hope to recover sometimes soon; price of goods was raising sharply, many people out of job, the rich became poor, and the poor … well … I couldn’t imagine how they survived.  Anybody who were there would remember that it was one of the darkest time in Indonesian history.  So at the end the best decision was to pack up my books, quit the University and find a job, here in England.  The rest was, as people say, history.  I will try to write this up in time.

Visit to Bradford 2008

The New Bradford Gallery

Something happened recently though, some things that made me feel that I need to *reconnect* with my home country, with my fellow Indonesian, and with everything that are currently going on over there.  It all started with Twitter and Plurk or as it happened, the Web 2.0 – Social Networking in general.  This is the reason why I am starting this blog. I want to have not just some written accounts of what I have experienced, felt, or thought about me being away from home, so I could go back here someday and recall them; but also as an attempt to reconnect myself to my original root.

This is me and my journey home … maybe … someday … who knows …

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